Car Crash

This is a silly little Java app that I wrote for a Java class. It is two beetles (the car) that I drew myself using simple shapes driving around till they crash with a big explosion. (Chadwick is my maiden name) [code lang=”java”] /************************************************************************** * Name: Cynthia Chadwick FileName: Chadwick_Lab6/ * CS 162 – Fall … Continue reading “Car Crash”

Address Book

This is an object-oriented window forms program using C#. It is a simple address book that allows you to add manage and delete contacts. [code lang=”csharp”] ///—————————————————— /// Cynthia Chadwick /// C# Final /// 12/08/2009 /// /// Program allows a user to add, delete, and save /// contacts to a .mcl file that can be … Continue reading “Address Book”