Junior Developer – Alacrity Renovations

12/2011 – 02/2014

Alacrity Renovations, who is now owned by Lowes,  runs a nationwide web application that matches insurance claims with contractors, with a focus on home and business insurance. The Contractors who are members are vetted and guaranteed. The company also holds payments in escrow to pay the Contractors as needed and on job completion.

As a junior developer, I worked on a lot of bugs and feature requests. With bugs I would work on tracing code, there was no documentation, identifying what code was actually causing the issue, then fixing the problem and submitting the code for testing. A lot of the feature requests were either to modify an existing report or create a new one.

One of my side goals was to optimize every SQL stored procedure I touched. The web application dealt with a lot of data so optimization was key for some of these reports to run without timeouts. With some of the reports, the only way they were able to run was to put restrictions on the date rage you could pull data for.

One of the last projects I worked on at the company was a web application that allowed the electronic signing of documents. I had the daunting task of researching and writing a project proposal, then having to learn how to modify and legally sign pdf’s since the option to buy an existing plugin and insert it into the web application was rejected in favor of me coding everything. The biggest lesson I learned from this project is that I don’t particularly like modifying a pdf with code.