Advanced Technical Support Engineer – Backup Exec – Symantec

07/2011 – 12/2011

Symantec is a big software company who buys up smaller companies. When I worked for them I supported Backup Exec. Backup Exec is a backup software that has a “simple” user interface and allows the user to backup to disk, cloud or tape. I specialized in the backing up of SQL databases.

As technical support, I called customers back and walked them through how to gather the information needed to find the solution and then to implement the solution. This would usually involve turning on logging, replicating the issue, collecting the logs then I would have the wonderful task of reading the logs. Once I identified the issue I would search our database for solutions and if needed talk to coworkers until I came up with a solution. Then I would email the instructions to the customer and give them a call to help with implementation. On rare occasions, I would find bugs in the software and would have to submit a bug report to development.

As I was preparing to leave this job, because I got a job as a programmer, I received one of the best compliments ever from one of the technicians who had been there for years, he said that he appreciated that I only ever asked a question once. I have tried to continue this trend throughout my life of truly listening and learning the answers to my questions so that I don’t waste time having to relearn what I have already learned.